Behind the Scenes: The Unsung Heroes of the Film Industry

An ode to the back office systems of Hollywood

Back Office Systems

When we watch a film, we tend to gravitate towards the front men. Take the actors: they receive glowing words of praise if their performance in the film is superb. The human resources department, however, do not a receive a congratulations for convincing the actor to perform in that Oscar winning scene they previously refused to act in because they didn’t get on with their co-star. We compliment the director for how they shot a particularly emotional scene, but we never think of the marketing team who got bums on the cinema seats to watch that iconic scene.  Or even the set designer gets a shout out for their artistic vision, but we aren’t compelled to tweet about how impressed we are that the manufacturers managed to bring the said vision to life.

An Accountant’s struggle

There’s a theme here; constantly the film industry’s back office systems are being left behind and forgotten. One role that is often termed monotonous and repetitive is that of the accountant without which we would have no film. This could not be further from the truth. Whilst the idea of finance sounds boring to all of us there are some truly exciting parts that aren’t advertised to us. When a production accountant costs the production, they are involved in understanding every department and how they use the money they need. They must assess every part of the production. And whilst their richer, more famous counterparts are winning Oscars for their creative talent, the careful, meticulous budgeting of accountants goes relatively unnoticed.

One way they keep up with this is using a back office system, software that is designed and implemented by experts to handle the administrative side of the many tasks a back office worker has to take part in. System integration brings together all elements of the back office jobs so that any member of the production team can access everything easily and everything becomes more streamlined.

What can change?

But what can be done about this? Although a radical idea, there are those who are calling for members of the back office systems in Hollywood to be included at the Oscars or, at the very least, have their own awards ceremony. This would give more publicity to back office roles and allow them to get the credit they deserve. Potential awards include, but are not limited to:

  • Best Budgeting in a Film Production
  • Best Marketing of a Film
  • Best Set Manufactured
  • Best Back Office Systems in a Film Production

One thing is clear, back office systems are vital to any film production and are not getting the praise they deserve.

Supply Chain Management Systems

The Answer to your Efficiency Problems

Since ancient times, supply chain systems have been used to move goods and services point of origin to their point of consumption. Key roads such as the Silk Road through Central Asia and the Spice Route over the Indian Ocean were well established, linear chains that were founded for the very purpose of moving produce from spot A to spot B. As the Industrial Revolution started to spread, the supply chain system became more efficient through specialisation to meet the growing consumer demand across the world. Countries started to specialise in the production of just one component in the supply chain, such as nails, and then sold their produce on to another company for used in their product. For example, to make cloth, cotton was grown in America, shipped to England, processed through the English cotton mills and finally the finished product was distributed around the world.

Why do I need a supply chain system?

Nowadays, the consumer outlook has changed with the introduction of technology; markets have become increasingly digitally complex and centric meaning that the supply side cost of businesses has risen significantly. As a response, not only are countries becoming more specialised, as they did in the industrial revolution, but so are individual businesses. As companies have become more specialised, there is more reliance on other companies for activities in the supply chain such as raw material procurement, quality assurance, and delivery. Supply chain management systems allow companies to co-operate with the other companies in their supply chain with ease giving all parties a greater competitive advantage.

How does a supply chain system work?

A supply chain management system can be divided into three mechanisms: strategical, tactical and operational. The strategical mechanism asks you to create a structured plan to maximise the efficiency in your supply chain. Questions that should be asked are: where will I be based? Who do I want as my supplier for each unit? How will I run my business and what do I need to source from other suppliers?

The tactical mechanism is deciding how you are going to implement the highly efficient strategy that you just created. You will need to decide who will be your supplier, how much you will need to order and what your budget is.

Finally, the operational mechanisms are the considerations that need to be made to ensure that your supply chain system will work as fluidly as possible. When should you order? How will you transport everything? These are the sort of questions that need to be asked to triumph over operational mechanisms in the supply chain.

What will I gain from a supply chain system?

Lower operational costs, ease and security are just three of the benefits that come with employing a supply chain system. With an integrated supply chain system, the computer does a lot of the work you would otherwise employ someone to do. This means the money can be diverted elsewhere like increasing the labour force. It also means the job will be completed with ease. Furthermore, as the system is all digital, there is high level of security which can only serve to benefit your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Start the road to the most efficient business possible today!

Supply Chain Management

Coursework Writing Service

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Coursework Writing Service

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Coursework Writing

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