Magnetic Separator Suppliers work in the industry where non-magnetic and magnetic material need to be sorted into their different components so they can be utilised. This technique is mainly used on ferromagnetic materials (materials that are strongly affected by magnetic fields.

What happens during Magnetic Separation?

In the magnetic separation process, magnets are situated inside two different drums with liquids. The material then gradually separates as the magnetic materials are pulled to the situated magnets inside the drums. This can be known as a magnetic concentrate.

What Industries use Magnetic Separator Suppliers?

There are many uses for magnetic separators to keep supply chains moving and prevent raw material wastage. It is very useful in the current climate to preserve material, stops as much waste going into landfill and also helps businesses be more cost-effective.

  • Recycling centres & waste management
  • Electromagnetic cranes
  • Iron mining
  • Food and pharmaceutical industries to stop metal contamination
  • Chemical processing to control pollution

Magnetic separator suppliers are also used in industries such as dairy, grain, oils, textile, plastics and more.

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